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My reading was all that I hoped it to be and more. I left feeling empowered and equipped to build a satisfying and fulfilling marriage with Kyle. Because of you, I have a better understanding of our strengths and weaknesses in our partnership. I am definitely interested in further reading as we have just scratched the surface. I look forward to meeting with you again. Hopefully sometime soon! I had never met with an astrologer before meeting with Jamie for a Solar Return reading and I only wish I had met with her sooner in my life.

I felt immediately comfortable in her presence and I was amazed by how much she knew about me before meeting me in person. She was well prepared and able to answer all my questions. We ended up going very deep and I loved it. I learned so much about astrology and myself, all while having a fun conversation.

I am forever grateful and look forward to meeting with Jamie again to explore my career, love and marriage, and motherhood. My reading with Jamie was all that and more. You will feel both empowered and filled with compassion for that little kid inside us all, who is finally seen, acknowledged, loved and accepted. What greater service can an astrologer provide than to help ordinary people like myself, better understand and celebrate our lives? I left the reading feeling validated and understood, and after just re-listening to the reading for the first time felt equally fulfilled.

Jamie provided a balance of abstract and concrete suggestions and wisdom that allowed me to reflect on the characteristics that I recognize as innate to my personality while also pointing out aspects of my chart that create certain challenges. Jamie was insightful, warm, and wise. The whole process felt comfortable, educational, and open. I am already looking forward to my next reading!

I have had several sessions with either Jamie or her staff astrologer. I continually get reminders of how my chart can be interpreted to benefit me going forward. This is a worthy place to make an investment in yourself and importantly, a direction for a next step! Thank you, Jamie and Pandora Astrology! She is incredibly thorough, and gave me the opportunity to have documentation of our session to take home, both through paperwork and a recording of our session.

Bexo X. Without having to tell her anything about me or my life experience, she was able to report a remarkably accurate and very cohesive review of my life that highlighted both my challenges and successes. Because of our work together, I feel more empowered to harness both my personality and my environment to facilitate stronger outcomes and I am super excited to have the tools to begin exploring my energetic connection to my environment for the rest of my life.

I highly recommend Jamie and her services; she is a master craftsman at identifying the puzzle pieces and helping you her client put it all together. Most importantly, she is willing to share her knowledge with anyone who is curious, and what more can you ask for in a teacher? At that moment, I honestly wondered if that was a sympathetic nudge for the horror that followed in my chart reading, or if she truly meant that.

But after getting to a few major contradictions in my personality which took all of about 24 seconds , it became clear that she genuinely sees everyone as potential, not predestined. I will absolutely recommend Jamie as a life coach, because that is what she is.

After my first reading with Julia amazing! She has an intense intuition and spot-on chart assessments. I realize some people are skeptical about these things and are not sure how to interpret this scientific art, but if you like self-discovery and you really want to insight about who you are, your patterns, and how to navigate them, just get the reading and let the rest take care of itself. I saw Jamie a few days ago. Within the first minutes of the reading, I was blown away. Her general overview of my chart was spot on and it was incredibly therapeutic to feel so understood.

Literally everything she said, ranging from the vague to the specific, resonated with who I know myself to be. The majority of the session was used to address my biggest questions and concerns. That alone made the session worth every penny. Jamie, herself, seemed like a total natural. Her presence oozed of warmth and compassion, but it never felt like she was sugar coating anything. She struck a really nice balance in providing comfort without holding back in telling me what I needed to hear.

I thought that was really awesome. She also put in a lot of effort to assure that I got as much out of the reading as possible. She also sends all her clients a dropbox with a recording of the session as well as any other resources we might need. Johnny S. I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated my first though not my last!

She was so well-prepared, so clear and precise in her explanations, so articulate and easy to understand. Jamie also provides a wealth of good and valuable information on her website, the mark of a truly generous professional. You will not be disappointed! Holly H. Where do I begin? I began my search for an astrologer and am so glad I found Jamie. What pulled me to her was her core belief that no chart is bad, it just shows the ways in which you can grow in this lifetime. The day of the session arrived and I had no idea what to expect; so I went in with no expectations.

Within the first 5 minutes of the reading I was in tears. She was also able to help me be at peace with the unanswerable question I mentioned above. Lastly, I could feel that Jamie has an authentic interest in helping whomever sits in her chair…. I highly recommend Jamie. Her intuitive nature and willingness to hear you out and delve deep into the core of your charts are what makes her a true professional. Thank you Jamie. Susannah C. Meeting with Jamie was such a gratifying and strengthening experience. She gave reasons and titles to my tendencies and feelings that I had not previously characterized, yet had always noticed as big contributors of my way of life and personality.

I was so moved and relieved by meeting with Jamie. I felt extremely safe and her approach seems to be very holistic. There is a spark in her eye and I can see that she is intrigued by it, a true researcher, and a business owner who knows her trade. I look forward to returning for another reading. Mischa M. I recently had a natal reading with Jamie. I found her to be kind, intuitive, professional and knowledgeable.

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I was pleased that Jamie did just that! I also appreciated that she provided helpful practical suggestions and book recommendations. Her use of technology enhanced the reading. Immediately after, she emailed an mp4 recording of the reading as well as PDF files of the charts, etc. Towards the end of my reading, she experienced technical difficulties, likely due at least in part to Mercury being in retrograde.

I will be going for a transit reading very soon because we ran out of time to discuss this. She really knows her stuff. I highly recommend her! Deb R. I had another reading from Jamie. This time we focused on transits. Julia joined us, and really enriched the reading with her perspective.

It was relevant and helpful in navigating the difficult waters I seem to be treading nowadays. I felt validated and I also felt like I got more knowledge and understanding of where I am at at this time. I was so happy Julia could join us, as she is very knowledgable as well and enriched the reading with her thoughts and ideas. I felt very well taken care of and in a safe place where I could be real and vulnerable and really get down to brass tacks as far as next steps that are instrumental and important to my vitality and ability to thrive.

Lisa F. The reading felt invigorating and overwhelming. Most things that were discussed rang very true for me and as someone who is always working towards listening to and following my intuition, it was good reinforcement that I am on the right path and also gave me insight into what I can do moving forward. The reading seemed to give me permission for certain things that have happened in my life and helped me understand some of my insecurities and personal challenges. Getting the reading made it clear to me that there are deeper forces at work in our lives that are not controllable.

Instead, they are there to be understood and worked with. The insight and description they were both able to give, not only to my personality and background, but also to many of my personal preferences and behavioral characteristics was truly amazing! This was my first basic reading and it included everything from an explanation of my natal chart to many of the transits that will be happening into early In monitoring these transits over the last 2 months, many events have been extremely accurate and timely in accordance with their interpretations.

This reading went beyond technical descriptions and diagrams of my chart and transits. I will definitely have another reading, when the time is right, and would highly recommend Pandora Astrology from beginning to advanced students of astrology. Thanks so much for this great service! Alison M. Jamie is incredibly knowledgable, sweet, personable and well prepared.

I have gone to her twice now in the last couple of years and I always leave feeling really good and excited. I feel like certain things from the past always make more sense and that I am better equipped to handle what comes my way in the future. I enjoy working so much with Jamie that I also got a friend a gift certificate to go see her. I will definitely be back for a birthday reading next year.

Meagan M. I left each session feeling calmer and having a better understanding of events that happened in the past as well as tools to help with future events and transits. Blair W. Jamie is simply amazing. Her minute video recorded sessions are dense, packed with insight. What I really like about Jamie is that she is not a woo-woo priestess. She is down to earth and plain with her speech, and can explain things in multiple ways. So, these sessions are not only insight about you, but general insight into the way astrology works.

It is expensive, and the cost put me off for a while. But her cost definitely reflects the quality of effort, time and attention she gives to each client. I will be returning for a birthday reading. Anna H. I just left my appointment with Jamie and, I have to say, I already feel more grounded in who I am and the growth I have been working towards in my life. Jamie does a great job of explaining what could be complicated concepts in a very clear and comforting way. Wounding was a big part of my chart, as was the theme of duality.

Jamie allowed me the option of delving into specific areas of my chart, which allowed us to focus on things that are important to me fertility, etc. I consider myself an emotional person and felt comfortable crying during portions of my chart that I found overwhelming and laughing where things were just so ironic.

Jamie really made me feel safe and welcomed into her space. She has two cats which I am highly allergic to and I appreciated her mentioning them in our pre-appointment email correspondence, so we could find a time for my appointment where cat dander would not be an issue.

She even recommended two books to me, one of which I plan to grab today. Overall, I am so glad my friend Meagan gave me this gift certificate for my birthday and I look forward to future readings with Jamie! Ccep D. But to categorize millions of people into 16 personality types is well..

Plus they say that your personality-type based on the Myer Brigg test can change depending on when you take it. Anyways I used to dislike psychics and astrology used to think it was a waste of time. I actually gave this place a try because my curiosity got the best of me. The process: I gave them my name, DOB, and place of birth. Why is this important? Not a lie, soooo much info! Not B. Julia and Jamie did exceptionally well breaking down every single detail about my personality based on the chart. So in-depth that I was speechless.

Nothing contradicted each other. And from reading that chart they were able to walk me through what my strengths and weaknesses were, and provided guidance for the best action-plan to overcome obstacles based on my personality. Overall, I am blown away. Btw, I got my reading done with Julia, an intern or apprentice, with Jamie present to oversee the reading.

Julia did an awesome job explaining the chart to me, however I do believe at times that Jamie is a bit better at explaining astrology lingo to simple terms purely because she has more experience. Jackie C. Jamie is a true professional astrologer. It shows that she is passionate about her work because of the deep knowledge she has acquired through her experience and education. Jamie was well prepared and resourceful upon interpreting my chart. I have been to another astrologer previously and the experience with Jamie was superior to my previous experience. Jaime helped me get clear with some areas of life that I have been confused about for many years.

I love hearing what astrologers, intuitives, and energy workers have to share about my journey. I will most certainly be using Jaime again for future Astrology readings. Orlando Z. I had a reading from Jaime in Dec of , and really enjoyed it. I waited to give a review, because I wanted to see how some of the things she interpreted in my chart would shake out. Turns out she was eerily on track. When I noticed energy shifts or dynamics changing, I have continued to reference the very detailed written information she gave me.

She also is very adept at the art of interpreting the charts, and obviously puts a lot of time and effort into each reading. Highly recommend. As a person going into adulthood, I am at a loss of what to do with my life. I stumbled across Pandora Astrology on Yelp and the reviews I read do not disappoint. This was my first reading and received the Initial Natal and Transits Reading.

Everything that was said taken from my natal chart was on point; so much that I started to cry. No one has ever understood who I am within 10 minutes without me having to speak. My life is in my hands and having this reading, I felt more encouraged to do what I have to do to be happy. Even if you are skeptical of this topic, you will get something out of a reading. Jamie and Julia are really experienced and know what they are talking about.

I will definitely be returning for future readings. Nga D. Reasons to choose Pandora Astrology: 1. Jamie, and Marsha, are extremely professional 2. Excellent communicators e-mail, phone, in-person 4. Overall, fun to work with! Brittany Clark from her Yelp page. I had my very first natal chart reading with Jaime. I honestly did not know what to expect but I went in with a open mind. Once Jaime started the reading I was completely speechless and blown away with the things she said. She was right on point with everything. She is very detailed and made sure I felt very comfortable with the information given.

Everything was simple to understand and all my questions were answered. She is easy to talk to and I can feel the sincerity in her voice and presence. If you have been reading her reviews and lurking at her site. I suggest you just go ahead and book an appointment with her.

This is the best thing I have ever purchased for myself.

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William W. Jamie is a truly wonderful astrologer, both intuitive and methodical. She explains your chart very well. The diagrams and recordings she sends are so helpful, because you can go back and review them. It was just a pleasure to consult with her. I have had four readings with her now. She addresses many different topics — love, career, etc. I am so happy I found her! Kim H. She sparkles with calm clear sight, has sound ethics, and uses storytelling that builds self-esteem.

While seeking creative perspective during a challenging time in my life, I took a leap of faith to see an astrologer and she was outstanding. Make an appointment — just go. Nancy S. I went to see Jamie on the recommendation of my adult daughter. I can honestly say that with Jamies guidance, I have come to understand, in a very profound way, the direction that my life is taking.

I was very much in crisis when I went to see her and she was extremely helpful in getting me to see the bigger picture. She is kind and thoughtful and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a more cosmic perspective on the events in their life. Stefani B. Jamie is the cream of the crop when it comes to astrologers. She knows her stuff and really appreciate her highly organized, practical and documented approach. She ends every reading with sending you a copy of the recording and your astrological chart with her color-coded notes.

Grace S. I recently had an astrology reading with Jamie and it was so personal, thorough, professional, and enlightening, that I immediately made another appointment for a month later to cover some other in-depth content in the energetic and magical makeup of my natal chart and upcoming transits. Jamie is an incredible astrologer, embodying a logical, mathematical approach with a deeply intuitive, mystical, and transformational compass. I especially loved how she incorporates the astroid goddesses in her readings, a vital concept that many astrologers ignore and without which the natal chart feels imbalanced and empty.

I am so grateful for her reading and very eager to go deeper with her during our next one. I highly recommend her work!! Verana B from her Yelp page. This was my first astrology reading period. I felt liberated and free to live my life without obstacles and move forward with confidence and fulfill my goals and destiny. You will walk away with tools to move through life and knowledge on how to utilize them. Her readings are just as personal, detailed and focused as always. Rick W. I recently had my 1st professional astrology reading with Jamie.

My session with her exceeded my expectations. I learned so much about myself during my session. Gia D. Jamie is a astrology dynamo! She goes above and beyond to make sure that you understand the process and feel very comfortable. I will definitely reach out to her for future sessions.

Dustin J. Jamie has been my go-to astrologer for years, not only giving me my initial glimpses in to my chart, but again and again supporting my understanding of the transitions over the years as the stars and I evolve and change. Even still I play my older readings and gain greater knowledge in to myself and my patterns. Jamie is a wonderful teacher in her readings and in her classes, and I just love her newsletters. Thank you Jamie! Ericka J. The entire process with Jamie, from my preliminary inquiry, through receiving my final recordings via email, was a truly wonderful experience.

Additionally, her broad scope analysis helped me understand my chart and personality, and gave me insight into how it can be used to guide and inform future life decisions. She was extremely present in my reading and I felt a true connection with her. Jamie is a positive, righteous, and professional astrologer. I recommend her services highly and hope to visit her again soon!

Sela S. Her inspired intelligence and humor, along with grounded pithy observations help so very much. While we were in session, Jamie offered me a bonus recording that was pertinent to my life. And I just feel better after our talk. It felt more like a visit than a paid session. The reading was very well-rounded and empowering, and she recorded each section of the reading as a different MP3 track which she then sent to me so that I can go back and review what we discussed if I want to throughout the coming year.

Fanny D. Jaime gave me an excellent astrology reading. She explained everything very clearly and wanted to make sure that you understood your reading since astrology can be very complicated for beginners. Also, she was very patient, kind, sophisticated, and understanding. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in having an astrology reading.

I would definitely use her again for another reading. Vivien T.

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Thorough reading, with very clear explanations. Jamie has a gift for communicating what she sees in a concise manner, and after re-listening to the session, I realize she gave me more information than I originally realized. Jennifer P. I really enjoyed getting my reading done by Jamie. I had never gotten any type of reading done before so she did a great job of explaining my transit and natal chart for someone who is just starting to explore or learn about astrology. I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to learn more about their birth chart.

The reading is fascinating and there is so much to learn, that the 90 minute session feels like 20 minutes. This is why I love that Jamie records your session, and then sends it to you in mp3 form so you can continually reference what you talked about in your reading. When you leave, you will definitely be wanting to go back! Megan M from her Yelp page. Jamie is an extarordinary talented astrologer.

I have had several readings from people across the globe, her work is like no other. Not only is she astoundingly accurate and perceptive, she presents the information in a way that I deeply understand it and with compassion and inspiration providing the needed support to fully understand what she is bringing forth in the reading.

She opened unknown doorways to my mind and heart, giving me an astounding foundation on which to move forward. Every time I listen to it, I learn more. I gave her five stars because her work is a gift. Mary F. Jamie is simply the best! She gave me insight about myself that I had not realized before. Jamie gave very clear explanations about my astrology chart and was bang on about who I am, my life, and struggles. I would recommend getting a reading from Jamie. She will make sense out of who you are and your life path.

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She also has insight on how to help deal with issues that we all come across in life! Jamie was extremely helpful with her reading and what to expect with upcoming transients. Glenn M from his Yelp page. I just went to Jamie for my second birthday session and left feeling very grounded and clear. She really understands the inner workings of her profession. It all really is another language to me, and she helps move through your charts with a combination of explanations and color pens drawing visuals.

In addition, the whole thing is recorded!

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So, you can listen again with your loved ones later to understand it all later with some perspective. Cedre C from her Yelp page. She spoke so easily about the details of my charts, but with such depth of knowledge. She listened carefully to my questions and needs prior to our session, and focused her work to address them specifically.

I highly recommend Jamie for both her professional expertise and her kind and caring manner. And Jamie did not disappoint! Far from it, the reading was very insightful, clearly well prepared for on her part, I mean , and her demeanor was very professional yet friendly. Actually, I was sort of worried she would ask a bunch of personal questions, but she did not and clearly had no intention of doing so.

Moreover, she was very willing to answer any and all of my questions regarding my chart and her reading of it, yet also filled the gap and did an excellent job of explaining even when I did not ask any questions. So, whether you are full of questions or just want to hear a reading, I would highly recommend Jamie. Sam G from his Yelp page. This was my first astrology reading ever, although I have experienced a variety of other types of readings—from Tarot to card deck. I am currently going through a huge transition in the relationship category of my life so most of my questions revolved around this topic.

Jamie helped me piece together why I do the things I do, as well as why my ex has his specific characteristics and habits…. Isabella Z from her Yelp page. Jamie has a solid understanding of the components, the relationships and influences that charts contain and the ability to connect the pieces and explain it all to you.

Interpreting the interconnections is key because there is so much depth to it. It seems like more the art of astrology than practice. The details presented were impressive both in volume and topic. Information is power and being prepared gives us an advantage. Or at least helps out. From a key of symbols and general info to easy to follow color coded charts, you leave with a lot of information. Jamie even records the sessions for you.

Being able to re-listen to the information has been really helpful. Kitty A. I am sure happy I did and very pleased with my reading and how well Jamie explained it to me and how it all applied to myself. I now am curious to see if I can influence the stars and my own destiny…I hope to have my wife and other loved ones enjoy their own natal chart reading. Thank you again Jamie. Derrick O. I have never done an Astrology reading before and after reading the reviews for Jamie I decided to try it out. She has additional readings she does, all of which are described on her website.

To prepare for the reading, I provided my name, birth date, birth place, and birth time a few days prior. On the day of my session she began by giving me an overview of astrology symbols, meanings, etc and then delved deeper into my personality, challenges, needs and life purpose. The entire session is recorded and she provides a natal chart, a transit chart as well as a sort of cheat sheet so you can understand what the different symbols mean.

I found Jamie to be friendly and informative. At the beginning she says that this is not like reading your horoscope in the paper and she is absolutely right. My reading blew me away, I even got a little choked up towards the end. I kept nodding my head every few minutes because some of the information provided was like a confirmation of why I do some of the things I do.

I, however, did not know what to expect so I gave general topics to review and when I had questions we reviewed them at that time. There was so much to cover that I am actually going back next week to delve a little deeper; so if you plan to only try an astrology reading once I recommend that you figure out the questions you want to review beforehand so that it is discussed in the reading because 90 minutes may seem like a long time, but my session was done before I knew it.

The mathematics along with the necessary depth of interpretation and understanding the endless influences mean a good astrologer must be both linear in their thinking connect the dots and an artist as well: Jamie is definitely both. I have worked with several top astrologers over the decades and Jamie is among the best…you will be happy you chose her!

Robin L. Jamie Pandora Astrology is the true essence of beautiful inside and out. Spending time with Jamie has brought so much clarity to my life on many levels. She provides so much more than a detailed chart reading which alone is more than worth it. Jamie has a unique ability to take a huge amount of information and cater it to what most applies in your life. Through insightful examples and explanations she ensures that you leave with a feeling of clear understanding and direction.

Her readings are absolutely one of the best things I do for my personal happiness and sense of belonging in this sometimes chaotic world. Amanda W. Jamie is a very insightful and caring person. She brings far more to the table than just a chart or a reading. I have seen her quite a few times over the past 5 years. It is enlightening to discover how the astrological environment coincides with my life and the world as a whole.

Dan S. Jamie gave me a very clear but in depth reading that renewed my confidence…even going as far as as to how other planetary bodies influence me Juno, Vesta, Chiron! Whereas most astrology is terribly afraid of Saturn and usually pronounce doomand gloom, she was the first one to show me the gifts that Saturn provides and gave me the faith and confidence to look to the future!

Anthony W. She knows how to read the symbols in a very coherent and specific way, making it meaningful and useful to me. I was also very impressed with her warm manner and excellent sense of humor. It was truly a joy to get the reading from Jamie and I appreciate having the recording to refer back to. I recommend Jamie without hesitation. Erica P. I am going through my Saturn Return and was looking for an astrologer. So what else do I do than ask my clients and friends.

I had 2 people recommend Jamie so that was easy and called and made appointment with her and she was very quick at a response and keeping you informed about your appointment. It was great going to see her and really getting an insight on yourself and realizing how it all makes sense and is very good at explaining and not going over my head. After that visit I returned and talked about my next career move. Nicole B. I first met Jamie Miller at a networking event when she was discussing Saturn returns…especially the 7 year time periods which continue to influence us…and suddenly, my quandries of the moment had a context that made sense to me for the first time!

I decided to have my first reading with her to examine the Saturn idea in-depth. Jamie was very well prepared for the reading and recorded the session and sent it to me along with some hand outs she had prepared. I listened to her report several months later and found that she had answered a question I was pondering in the reading…miraculous! Recently, I went back to see Jamie for a transitional chart reading for my birthday. Again, she was very prepared, insightful and compassionate. Jamie really knows her subject and I found that she was very in tune with me and how to share her findings so that I may understand them.

Suzanne W. Three years ago I did many, many hours of online research seeking an Astrologer i felt i could connect to.

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I made the decision to choose Jamie and after listening to her wonderful teleclass on relationships, i knew i had found the intuitive female Astrologer i was seeking. I have now had 3 readings with Jamie and my 4th reading is booked. I continue to be very satisfied with my readings and find them extremely insightful.

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There are many Astrologers out there especially since we have access to many more via the web. I did a lot of research before i made the decision to choose Jamie and after listening to a wonderful teleclass on relationships, i knew i had found the intuitive and connected female Astrologer i was seeking. Rowen W. In my fifth reading with Jamie at Pandora Astrology, once again she nails it on the head with accuracy and gentle force that one cannot simply ignore. I so appreciate the words of wisdom during transitions of life. There is a sense of peace that having your chart read brings.

Jamie is not only technically gifted, she interprets the planets that actually have meaning and meat! There is no fluffy, gooey BS being served. Elaine N. It was my first time having my chart read and she made it so easy for me to understand. After the reading, I became very interested in Astrology. It explained so much about my personality! Kameron D. I get a natal reading when i have a challenging year ahead or when i am feeling i need some perspective. I have gotten natal readings and relationship readings from her. This year I wanted input on a major career change.

Sophie O. I leave with a greater understanding of who I am and how to manage my life with more ease. Her skills go far beyond a normal birth chart, and include transit advice as to when to look at various areas more critically to maximize the situation career, money, relationship, parenting, important life markers.

She also offers insightful reflection on past situations for growth opportunities. She plays the role of counselor well and can communicate the macro and micro picture. I have had numerous readings with Jamie since , which started with my birth chart and blew me away as though she were reading my soul. Jamie also wrote a beautiful fairy tale for my child based upon her chart that gave my daughter a strong sense of her mythic life journey at a young age. This precious gift will be cherished all her life. A recent transit reading for my now teen was also helpful to offer me guidance for this quickly changing and growing young adult.

Jamie records each session and gives hand-outs of the chart and transits. She also does phone readings with chart shares over the internet equally well. These are things I keep referring to over the years for insight and understanding. She also offers free teleclasses and writes a great blog each month that I refer to as well.

Deborah D. Outstanding astrology reading! I have seen several astrologers over the years but none compare to Jamie. Moreover, Jamie obviously loves her profession which makes her both interested and interesting. Clearly, my life was right there before her in that chart and she deciphered it beautifully. I especially appreciate receiving the handouts in addition to my chart — summary of the planets, houses, signs, aspects in addition to the flow of various transits.

Carrie M. Jamie is great. We corresponded before the reading and she asked me if I had any specific questions or issues that I wanted to talk about, which I did. Jamie did a great job of addressing my specific questions as well as giving me a thorough overview of my natal chart. It was so great in fact that I made another appointment at the end of our session to come back and delve more into my chart an also go over current transits that are happening for me.

This reading was equally illuminating and thorough. I really appreciate also that Jamie sends an audio recording of the readings, separated in tracks by the various topics being discussed, quickly and safely using Dropbox. I have re-listened to both of my readings several times and each time something new sticks out to me that previously my mind had glossed over. It will be really neat to listen to this in years and see how I am living out my astrological potential!

Jamie is warm, professional and really seems to do what she does because she is both passionate about it and because she really wants to serve and help people. Virginia V. Jamie is really great at what she does…her reading are not only well thought out and filled with lots of experience, she also is incredibly present and the experience is one of creation, rather than dictation… a real pro. Overall, in situations involving the heart, you want a relationship that is fun, spiritual and affectionate. At full maturity you are likely to be a very peaceful and poised individual.

View of your future predictions that are accurate and you can easily rely on them. Emotions and communication between you. But still you find them reading their horoscopes out of curiosity or for fun.

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Completion of 30 credit hours in the doctoral degree. Profit months are march, may, july, september aries monthly tarot june december. Yourselves and others, and a desire to change and improve. Master numbers are more appropriately called double trouble numbers, as they are rarely easy to live up to; There is usually more to accomplish, and more karma to balance.

Aries has a strong sense of identity and is self-centered. Take a tablespoon of honey mixed in water or milk every morning. At its worst, the scorpio will channel his hurt into feelings and plans of revenge and strike back much like the poisonous creature whose symbol he bears. This side of aries monthly tarot june character helps them maintain a healthy social life as well as enabling them to deal with life's ups and downs.